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Working towards a sustainable future

Jaya Organic Yojana is an organisation dedicated to rejuvenating the soil, recharging ground water, empowering low income families and mitigating climate change, all at scale.

The State of our Soil

Our food security and climate are threatened by degradation of soils. In 2050, more than 9 billion people will inhabit this planet and we will need healthy soils to feed them. Research shows that approximately 750 million hectares of soil are highly degraded. Organic agriculture can help to restore these soils completely and make them more productive.

JOY's Interventions

As an entry point for our overall vision, we conduct a longterm program in vermicompost production. Every week, each beneficiary gets a personal visit for one hour from a trainer on his or her own land. Theory and practical training is given accompanied by audio, video, and print lessons. We call this innovative training method "in-situ" education. This training continues with organic farming, animal husbandry and many other income enhancing and environmentally healing activities.

The Eudrillus Eugeniae Earthworm

Also known as the African night crawler, this is the most efficient composting earthworm in the tropics. They have high reproduction rates and are capable of quickly digesting large quantities of agri-waste.

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