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Looking Forward

We now stand poised at a particularly exciting moment in our journey. 

Over the next five years (2019-2023), JOY will train and empower over 8000 new farmers including 2000 women, 1000 of the elderly and 2000 youth across 6 states: Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jharkand, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana.

Further, we will rejuvenate 14, 000 hectares of soil, sequester 37,720 metric tons of carbon and significantly increase water retention in soil. We will bring the annual income of each our beneficiaries to over 3 Lakhs per year ono average. We estimate that we will directly empower financially, ecologically and educationally over 20,000 people across India to make them self-reliant, skilled and ecologically wise.

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Karnataka Districts.png
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