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Success Stories


Jaya Organic Yojana’s EDP for Vermi composting has brought hope to the lives of village folks in heartwarming ways. We thought we were opening new avenues for developing skills and enhances rural income. But we are touched to see that the program has even brought a new found happiness and family bonding.

Parameshwara had become a drunkard and hung about the day with layabouts of the village gambling on a game of ‘SPIT’ (playing cards), draining the meagre income his wife made. Jaya Organic Yojana’s EDP program then reached the village and Lakshmama enrolled with the program. She laboured alone to get the vermibeds going. One day Parameshwar started collecting cow dung from the nearby fields for his wife. He started working every day, supporting his wife, collecting cow dung and other materials his wife needed for the vermibeds. Rejuvenating soil and rebuilding microbial life, seeing the change and healthy growth of plants in such an affordable way brought hope which is what we need in these times of despair.

Looking at the vibrant spontaneous smiles of the couple, one can see that Parameshwar and Lakshmama have found each other again. Today, Parameshwara has not returned to ‘SPIT’ or to alcohol!


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